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Special Crowns, Bridges and Dentures in Florence

Tooth decay and loss aren’t uncommon in adults, and you don’t have to worry about natural looking replacements if you visit Heiden Dental Office. We’ll create a crown, dental bridge or dentures to improve your smile and care for your oral health needs. It’s important to remember that these procedures not only help with the appearance of your smile but they also protect your teeth and mouth from further decay and damage.

A Crown or Bridge Fit for You

A dental crown is basically a cap that covers a damaged tooth. This cover protects the tooth from further deterioration and can also be used to correct appearance-related issues. Often, crowns are made to match the color of your other teeth, ensuring a consistent, natural appearance; ceramic and porcelain crowns are used in this way.
Bridges are also fixed in place similar to crowns, though they are used when one or more teeth are totally missing. If the gaps between missing teeth aren’t filled, the existing teeth will shift into the open space, causing misalignment and bite issues. Missing teeth can also lead to gum disease and TMJ disorders. Similar to crowns, bridges are also made to look like your natural teeth. Most people won’t even be able to notice you have prosthetic teeth.
A Crown or Bridge Fit For You

Great-Fitting Dentures

The main difference between dentures and other prosthetic teeth is that dentures are completely removable. Fortunately, dentures have become more and more advanced, now looking incredibly similar to natural teeth and fitting even better. Depending on how many teeth you’re actually missing or need to have extracted, we’ll help you determine whether a full or partial denture is best.

Deciding on Restorative Procedures

Missing and damaged teeth should never go untreated. If you’re concerned about your oral health because of such issues, call Heiden Dental Office today to go over your options.