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Quality Tooth Treatment in Florence

The health of your teeth affects your body in potentially surprising ways. When you’re not paying attention to your teeth and offering them proper care, then you run the risk of requiring extractions. Damage or injury to your teeth can also mean an extraction is in your future. If you’re concerned about tooth decay or damage, don’t hesitate to visit the dental professionals at Heiden Dental Office.

The Story Behind Extraction

Children and adults alike can benefit from extractions in different situations. Tooth decay is probably the most common reason for extraction, but some people require extractions to resolve overcrowding or to make space for permanent teeth to grow. You’re also probably familiar with wisdom teeth removal.
While it may seem advantageous to have all of your teeth, there are situations where removal is the best decision. Having too many teeth will prevent your teeth from being straightened properly. And a decayed tooth left in your mouth will eventually damage other teeth and the surrounding tissue. An infection in your tooth can even spread to the rest of your body. While a decaying tooth won’t always result in an extraction, severe damage will necessitate more than a filling or crown.
The Story Behind Extraction

The Results of Extraction

Depending on how many teeth you have extracted, why they were extracted and the current state of your oral health, the replacement process will vary. Obviously you won't have replacement wisdom teeth, but if decaying teeth were removed, we'll discuss with you options such as  implants, bridges and dentures.

The Time for Extraction

Removing a tooth is a serious procedure and you’ll need to care for the extraction site each day. Follow-up appointments are also required. If you think you need a tooth extracted, call on Heiden Dental Office to examine your teeth and create a treatment plan.